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Battlefield 1 Elite Classes

Battlefield 1 Elite – As any Battlefield player will know it is essential that you pick the correct kit/class to help you survive the battle and assist your team in winning matches.

Listed below are the Battlefield 1 Elite Classes with a short description of what that class is all about.

First up is the Flame Trooper, who you might have seen a sneak peek at during the first trailer we released. Wrapped in fire-resistant gear and carrying a powerful flamethrower, the Flame Trooper brings with him chaos. He’s far from indestructible, though. Part of his kit has him permanently affixed with a gas mask, slowing him down and keeping his vision lowered. Attack from afar, and you might escape un-scorched

Distance won’t help you as much when the Sentry, who is strapped with thick armor plating. The Sentry moves like a human tank, equipped with a water-cooled machine gun at his hip. He can shower enemy positions with lead while still being able to withstand a lot of damage, but unlike the Flame Trooper, he can’t wear a gas mask at all. You know what to do about that.

Meanwhile, laying prone at a safe distance away and carrying a weapon taller than most men is the Tank Hunter.

This Elite Class has mastered the use of the 1918 Tankgewehr, an absolute beast of a weapon that can lay waste to enemy infantry and vehicles alike (so long as the Tank Hunter is prone). A well-placed shot from this weapon is capable of knocking out a vehicle’s tracks, machine guns, or cannons on armored vehicles. They don’t call it the Tankgewehr for nothing.

You’ll be able to try these Elite Classes for yourself when the Battlefield 1 Open Beta rolls out on August 31, or when you pick up Battlefield 1 on October 21.

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