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Battlefield 1 Classes – Elite

As any Battlefield player will know it is essential that you pick the correct kit/class to help you survive the battle and assist your team in winning matches. Listed below are the Battlefield 1 Elite Classes with a short description of what that class is all about.

Battlefield 1 Flame Trooper Elite Class
Wrapped in fire-resistant gear, a gas mask, and carrying a powerful flamethrower, the Flame Trooper brings with him chaos. Stay far away if you can, but if you find yourself eye-to-eye with the Flame Trooper, you’d best muster your courage, fix your bayonet, and charge into battle before he notices you. One wrong move and you’re likely to spend your last moments seeing red.

Battlefield 1 Sentry Elite Class
The Sentry moves like a human tank. With a water-cooled automatic machine gun at his hip and strapped in plated armor, the Sentry can shower enemy positions with lead while still being able to withstand a lot of damage. His main weakness is his greatest strength – in order to keep up his defense, he eschews the use of a gas mask in favor of additional armor plating.

Battlefield 1 Tank Hunter Elite Class
The Tank Hunter has mastered the use of the 1918 Tankgewehr, an absolute beast of a weapon. Standing almost as tall as a man, the Tankgewehr is capable of damaging enemy vehicles over great distances. With a well-placed shot, the Tank Hunter can focus fire on particular parts of the enemy vehicles, taking out the tracks, machine guns, or cannons on armored vehicles.

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