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Battlefield 1 CTE For PS4 – Xbox One

Battlefield console users you will be happy to hear that the Battlefield 1 CTE will be coming for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and we are guessing you are saying about bloody time too!

The Battlefield community test environment is where you the gamer can help make the game you love and play greater for the community and yourself, this means you get to test out the latest maps, modes, updates and anything else that will be added to the latest monthly update/patch.

The Battlefield 1 CTE is a whole separate game so you will need to download it from scratch, in order to do this you can click on MORE and the Community Test Environment from the main menu of Battlefield 1. For more information please read the official info below.

By Jonas Elfving
Battlefield™ 1 players on PC may already be familiar with the CTE – the Community Test Environment. We are now glad to announce that the CTE is making its way to PlayStation® 4 and Xbox One as well.

What is the Battlefield 1 Community Test Environment?
The CTE is a Battlefield 1 environment where involved players can help us test new features, improved and changed content, and experiments that aren’t yet (and may never be) ready for public release.

What is the purpose of the CTE?
The CTE lets us share our development process with our players, get valuable feedback earlier, and keep improving the Battlefield 1 experience.

What Battlefield 1 content will be in the CTE?
The CTE will be used for testing and ensuring stability of Battlefield 1 updates, maps, and other content.

Where and when can I sign up for the CTE?
You can register for the CTE on console by clicking on MORE and the Community Test Environment from the main menu of Battlefield 1*. Then just follow the steps outlined there.

Who can access the CTE?
A copy of Battlefield 1 and a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass for the platform you want the CTE access for is required if you don’t already have an access code

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