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Battlefield 1 Beta Patch Deployed

Anyone who has been playing the Battlefield 1 beta from the start will know it has not been a smooth ride, the servers have been the main issue with constant lag and crashing. This has outraged fans and they have claimed it is the same as the poor release of the Battlefield 4 beta.

If you were one of the many fans out there who played the terrible Battlefield 4 beta you will know what they mean!

But anyway.. DICE have taken in a lot of feedback from you the community and will be releasing a Battlefield 1 beta patch which in my opinion is a little late as the official Battlefield account on Twitter is claiming the beta finishes tomorrow the 8th Sept.

battlefield 1 beta end date

I gotta agree with a lot of the fans it has not been great but yes we are still honored to have been able to help test it before it goes live this in the end will give us a better smoother release.

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