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Battlefield 1 April Update Notes

The Battlefield 1 April Update has just been released, this is a considerably small update compared to many in the past and contains updates for things like gameplay, user interface, map and modes and a few other fixes.

Battlefield 1 April Update Notes

Changed the color of the Infiltrator Elite Class’ flare to respect custom colorblind UI colors.

Rotated the Telegraph Post to face away from the machinery in the final sector of Rush on River Somme.
Fixed an issue in Amiens where players could reach unintended areas on top of buildings.
Rebalanced Tsaritsyn in the Red Tide Operation, to reduce the likelihood of attackers spawning with direct line of sight of defending team at Point B.

Fixed an issue where the Mid-Round Team Balancer would occasionally assign players to a team beyond the team limit for that game mode.

Improved loading times into the soldier customization screen.
Reduced occurrence of disconnects when trying to join a server.
Fixed an issue where the scoring UI would be offset incorrectly when using a 21:9 monitor while spectating.
Updated the briefings of Operations to avoid overlapping elements in various resolutions, including 4K.
Fixed an issue where the introductory globe animations at the start of the Gallipoli Operation had overlapping UI elements.
Fixed an UI issue where capturing neutral flags in Frontlines would be incorrectly portrayed as though the team was reclaiming the capture point from their enemy.
Fixed an issue where the Tanker Class icon would not display properly at the end of round.
Relocated the Caesar’s Wreath medal to the Combat category.
Fixed an issue where several skins for the Model 8 Autoloading did not include the weapon magazine in the thumbnail that displays when players first obtain the skin.

Fixed an issue where the first-person sprint animations would break with the Auto and Bull Dog Revolvers.
Fixed an issue where the Howell Automatic Sniper played incorrect sound effects when fired.
Fixed naming inconsistencies with the Model 1900 Slug.
Fixed an issue where K Bullets were playing incorrect sound effects when firing some weapons.
Fixed an issue where the user’s camera would stick after deploying into the third seat of the Hansa Brandenburg bomber.
Fixed an issue where cavalry could heal other nearby vehicles (even behemoths!) for a short time after applying bandages while on horseback. This healing will now be properly applied only to the rider’s horse.

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