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Battlefield 1 Apocalypse Release and Stream

Tomorrow brings the Battlefield 1 Apocalypse release for premium pass owners, apocalypse is the forth and final expansion pack for Battlefield 1. We recently posted a short article on Battlefield 1 Apocalypse but it was quite limited so we have the rest for you in this article.

Last but not least: there will be a Battlefield 1 Apocalypse Live Stream held by the guys from DICE tomorrow the times can be found in the below image and the Twitch channel is here: https://www.twitch.tv/battlefield

On with the news:

Claw your way out of a deadlocked struggle, where Allies and Central Powers unceasingly clash with no end in sight. This is how the world ends. This is the apocalypse.

Battlefield™ 1 Apocalypse is launching on February 20 for Battlefield 1 Premium Pass owners – and there are many reasons to play the fourth expansion pack. Below you’ll find five of them.

1 – The Atmosphere of the Great War’s Most Infamous Fighting Grounds
Explore truly hellish landscapes in the newest maps from Battlefield 1 Apocalypse. Whether you’re fighting high in the Alps or deep in the muddy trenches of a scarred battleground, there’s no shortage of desperation as you scramble for survival. No matter the map, you’ll be both awed and frightened by the effects of war.

2 – Horses Equipped with Gas Masks
Striking fear in the hearts of your enemy, gas mask equipped horses are only available on the Battlefield 1 Apocalypse maps. They are fully protected from the onslaught of toxic attacks, but you’ll want to keep one hand on your own trusty mask too, as you tackle the hazards of the Apocalypse environments.

3 – A Ton of Unlocks and Challenges for Ambitious Collectors and Cocky Pros
Unlock more weapons with all-new Weapon Assignments, and complete unique Service Assignments for a chance to earn very special Dog Tags. Pro players will love Afflictions, a new type of Specialization. Afflictions are “anti-perks”, designed to hamper your soldier. Show them who’s boss by dominating the scoreboard despite having activated Afflictions like Death Toll (lose 200 score for each respawn), or Paranoia (you cannot remove your gas mask.)

4 – All the unique Opportunities for Melee Kills
Desperate times call for desperate measures. Battlefield 1 Apocalypse owners will immediately find the gruesome Meat Cleaver in their melee inventories, alongside the improvised grenade as a grenade option. Plus, unlock the Prybar by collecting puzzle pieces in Battlepacks.

5 – Saving the Day (and Scoring Big) with the Livens Projector
When deploying on the Battlefield 1 Apocalypse maps, keep your eyes peeled for a not-yet-seen stationary weapon: the Livens Projector. Find and fire this mortar-like contraption to smother your enemy in a cloud of poisonous gas. Catch your foes by surprise with the barrages, turn the battle on its head, and watch the experience points come rolling in.

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