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10th Anniversary: Day of the Battlefield Veterans

Four of the Battlefield Veterans at DICE who helped shape Battlefield met for an open hearted 10th anniversary chat. They discussed Battlefield’s past, present, and future and we recorded the entire conversation.

Battlefield Veterans

Here sits 40 years of Battlefield experience. Upper left: Magnus Walterstad. Upper right: Mats Dal. Lower left: Lars Gustavsson. Lower right: Stefan Vukanovic. All photos DICE / Lars Martensson.

Battlefield Veterans-2

Four of the most battle-scarred veterans at DICE went for a 10th anniversary lunch to celebrate Battlefield. They came to eat and they came to talk about Battlefield past, present, and future.  and heard.


Co-founder with Johan Persson and Patrick Soderlund of Refraction Games where they developed Codename Eagle, the spiritual predecessor to Battlefield. Lead Programmer on Codename Eagle. Envisioned the original Virtual Battlefield concept together with Johan Persson. Programmer on all Battlefield games since. Still at DICE.

Artist on Codename Eagle at Refraction Games. Producer on Battlefield 1942 and nowadays Creative Director. Still at DICE.

Joined DICE as composer for Benefactor on the Amiga. Sound Designer on Battlefield 1942 and involved in most Battlefield titles since. Audio Director for Mirror’s Edge. Still at DICE.

Lead Artist on Codename Eagle at Refraction Games. Lead Artist on Battlefield 1942. Artist on Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142. Technical Art Director on Battlefield 3. Still at DICE.

Classic restaurant Gondolen near the DICE office in the southern parts of Stockholm, Sweden.

Mats, Lars, Magnus, and Stefan enter Gondolen. After sitting down and making their orders, they start discussing Battlefield. The opening subject: What if someone had said back in 2002 that Battlefield 3 would sell 15 million units.

STEFAN: Back then I was pretty naive, so maybe I would have believed it. Maybe I was even so naive to believe Battlefield 1942 would make 15 million units. (laughs)

MATS: Codename Eagle sold 200 000 units. The talk around town was that if you sold one million, you had done great. Fifteen million wasn’t even on the radar. Fifteen million now maybe equates to two or three million back then?

LARS: I think we’ve sold more than 50 million across the series by now.

MAGNUS: That’s almost impossible for me to grasp.

LARS: I often get the question, especially at awards ceremonies in Sweden, what it feels like and if we ever counted on becoming this big.

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